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a story of coffee, music and football

about tim

Tim is a thirty-something software engineer and father of one working on the sunny south coast of England.

Tim loves music, especially 'Lost Souls' by Doves but also a bit of almost anything with very little consistency. You’ll recognise Tim at work because he’s the one with the headphones in constantly, the other end being plugged into his iPhone.

He’s a Southampton season ticket holder and spends every other Saturday afternoon from autumn through spring sitting in the same plastic seat shouting and singing until he’s lost his voice. He’ll also quite happily watch rugby union, cricket or athletics. Some people say he looks a bit like Tim Henman.

Tim also likes to think he has an eye for design, loves technology and once had a thing about collecting lights. He gets hay fever in the summer and colds in the winter, which is a shame because he loves getting outside because the world is frankly a wonderful place. If Tim were a fictional character, he would be Eeyore the Donkey with a gin habit.